English TV abroad – Watch ITV abroad

When you live outside UK or find yourself abroad for a considerable amount of time, you come to realize how much you miss British Telly. Without doubt, ITV is one of the best English TV networks, home to the most popular TV shows from the UK, several of them have an international fan following too.

ITV has an extraordinary amount of great TV programs like dramas such as the awarded Downton Abbey, enthralling thriller series like Broadchurch and Unforgotten, daily soaps like Coronation Street, popular talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor, and local sports and news. This 2018, ITV will air new promising shows, such as Girlfriends, a show which celebrates the friendships between females of a certain age; Next of Kin, a contemporary show about a family, conspiracy and betrayal; and, the return of Dancing on Ice.

With such a wide range of successful shows, it comes as no surprise that you want to watch ITV shows but, how do you do it? The easiest and most logical answer would be to go directly to the ITV player website and watch your favorite show using free stream live ITV. But, if you abroad, you will realize that: It is impossible to watch the ITV Player unless you are in the UK.

Most stream English TV use technique called geo-blocking to ensure no-one outside the permitted region gets to watch their content. So, if your IP Address reveals that you are located outside the UK, the ITV Hub will display a reminder that the service is unavailable outside the UK. Thus, how do you watch ITV player outside the UK?

Don’t worry, we provide you the best way to avoid the geo-blocking allowing you to watch ITV for free from outside the UK. Our VPN-Router solution integrates Virtual Private Network technology that ensures you to connect easily with our VPN servers around the world. You can choose the VPN server and the countries you connect using a simple web menu.

Our VPN-router secures the privacy of your internet, protects your information and unblock geo-restricted sites and services for all connected devices. It requires no later fees, payments, downloads or subscriptions. It is easy to install, just plug to your current internet router and get ready to enjoy the best of the English TV no matter in which part of the world you are.