Watch HULU outside the US

Hulu-Watch you favorite Old and new serials:

Hulu enables the users to watch old and new series and tv shows that are divided into free and paid service. The free service lets you watch limited shows and only on your PC or MAC while the paid service allows you to watch a larger variety on many devices. Hulu can be used in Japan and United States. All the other countries except Japan and United States restrict access to Hulu.

However, there are ways to access Hulu outside the US.

How to access Hulu Outside US

If the IP address of your device doesn’t match with an IP address from the US then you can’t have access to stream movies and shows through this service. This is called geo-restriction.

You need to find the best VPN for Hulu because there are many VPNs that can’t unblock Hulu and in turn block the IP address of the proxy server (the server you intend to use to circumvent the geo-restriction.

Connect to a router from and you can use Hulu on the iPhone, any Android or any other device.

Use to unblock Hulu outside the US

This means the Hulu will assume that you are using Hulu in the US. You can enjoy HBO etc with the help of VPN-Router.

You can stream Hulu safely with the help of


So enjoy everything you want to watch on Hulu that isn’t currently avialable to watch without a VPN outside the US. This will help in removing Geo-Blocking and the other restrictions.

Watch the following outside US with the help of VPN Router:

Devices which support VPN Router: