How to watch ESPN outside the US

What is ESPN Exactly?

The full form of ESPN is ‘’Entertainment and Sports Programming Network’’. It is a global cable and satellite sports television channels. ESPN Inc. is operating this program based on the US. The owner of the company is Bill Rasmussen with his co-workers; his son; Scott Rasmussen and Ed Egan. This company was built in 1979.

The branches of this company are also working in Miami, Seattle, New York etc. ESPNhas increased its access to the users in 2016 that reached almost 91,405,000 paying customers.

How to Watch ESPN Outside US?

You can now access ESPNoutside the US with a VPN. Through WatchESPN you can get thousands of sports events and programs wherever you want. You also can watch NFL, Grand Slam, MLB on Amazon FireTV etc. You can access all these things but there is geo-restriction outside the US.

Following is the step by step guide to watching ESPN outside the US:

Beginners get confused when they read this thing that is why we have divided the method into steps to make it easy for them.

1)    Get a VPN-Router from this website

2)    All devices connected, automatically have a VPN. Set this to a US server.

3)    Search WatchESPN official site, register for an account and then sign in

4)    Now you are ready to stream millions of sports events even outside the US

 Why one can’t stream ESPN Outside the US?


ESPN is the popular sporting network throughout the US. The sports lovers use this app frequently to stream their sports events and other such programs.  Geo-restriction is the reason one can’t stream WatchESPN outside the US.

Moreover, this app has the rule not to be accessible outside the United States.

Method to watch ESPN Online:


1)    First of all, go to the ESPN website by searching ‘’’’ in the search box.

2)    You will see ‘’watch’’ on the right side on the top of the page

3)    After clicking on WatchESPN you can enjoy tons of sporting events and programs.

4)    You can click on the program you want to watch

5)    You don’t have to verify further when you watch programs that have no key icon

6)    While program with key icons need to be verified through the sign in or confirmation of cable provider


If you want to stream ESPN outside the US where it is restricted, you can do this with the help of best VPN. We recommend a preconfigured router from which is the best VPN that actually work with ESPN to be unblocked.

All you need is to order the VPN-Router. This VPN-Router works in the best way to unblock the restriction anywhere. So if you are living outside the US, you can use the ESPN with the help of our VPN Router.

You can connect any device through a network cable or using wifi to the VPN router. Enjoy watching videos on ESPN once you connect to the VPN Router.

Watch the following outside US with the help of VPN Router:

Devices which support VPN Router: