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How does the VPN Router work?


When you order from us, we will send a pre-configured wifi router made by TP-Link. Read the tech specs to learn more. It runs our proprietary software and connects to our network of VPN servers globally. You simply connect the VPN router to your existing internet router using an ethernet cable (network cable). This will provide a 2nd wifi network: the new VPN connection. We provide VPNs to the US, UK and Germany. Click here to see our current list of servers. Any device you connected to the VPN router via network cable or wifi automatically has a VPN connection. You can manage the VPN server and thus the countries you connect to easily from any connected device: the VPN router has web menu for that.


Once connected to the VPN router, you are open to do so many things.

Security and Geo-unblocking for all connected devices.

VPN Router with 12 months of service

Connects to any existing internet via network cable. All devices connected to this vpn router automatically have an active VPN.

12 months of VPN service included. List of VPN Servers here.

Connection of the router is very simple: one network cable from your main internet router into the blue input of the VPN router and you are done. All other devices can connect to the VPN router using one of the four free Gigabit-Etherner ports or via 300 MBit/s wifi.

The basis of our VPN router is the TP-Link TL-WR10 - click here for the tech specs.

You can expect download speeds of up to 14 MBit/s using VPN.

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